Se afișează postările cu eticheta motivational. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta motivational. Afișați toate postările

sâmbătă, 15 februarie 2014

7 motive pentru care nu vei reusi in viata

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything With Your Life  
I’m looking you in the eyes, (ok well, not really since you are probably reading this article, but figuratively, I am burning a cyclops type hole in your face right now) and telling you that you don’t stand a chance. I’m telling you that if you can read this article, look through this list and not claim it as your own, then you should be a little worried.Actually, you should be very worried. You should drop everything and immediately question your existence on earth. You should find a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, raise your hand and slap yourself in the face.
E plin internetul de articole motivationale care ne spun cum putem reusi in viata si ce ar trebui sa facem pentru a fi mai productivi, mai buni, mai frumosi, mai mai - insa am gasit si 7 motive pentru care nu vei reusi in viata.


miercuri, 2 ianuarie 2013

Profita de tinerete

Azi pe Quora citeam un thread foarte interesant despre modul in care tinerii ar trebui sa profite de tineretea lor intr-un mod cat mai util si profitabil - iar unul dintre raspunsuri mi s-a parut a fi cel mai complet si pe subiect.

1. Prioritize learning.
  • Start early
  • Read a lot. 2-3 hours a day, at least

2. Don't talk about doing stuff. Do stuff.
  • The world is full of so many talkers, and so few doers.
  • Too much planning is as bad as no planning.
  • "Posting about your plans is shadow of Done" (
  • Make stuff while your brain is young and fresh. The brain gets slower as you age.

duminică, 23 decembrie 2012

Sfatul meu catre mine pentru 2013

Focus on the next logical step forward. – There are no hopeless situations; there are only people who have grown hopeless about them.  So keep your hope alive.  Don’t dwell on what went wrong.  Instead, focus on what to do next.  Spend your energy moving forward toward a solution.  If you take full responsibility for yourself and your current situation, you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams, and you will discover a way to get there.
De aici.

miercuri, 21 noiembrie 2012

You just have to do something

You don't have to do it right, you just have to do something → 
" When we are presented with moments of crisis, large decisions or new opportunities often we find ourselves crippled by the lack of knowledge. We justify inaction with our insecurities in not knowing the right way to move forward. Or we trap ourselves in an endless search for knowledge to attempt to reassure our actions.
Over the course of my career and journey as an entrepreneur, I have learned that success and fulfillment is found when we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. There is tremendous value in having knowledge ahead of time—I am now CPR certified—but simply taking action is often what it takes. "
 Fa Ceva! Indiferent cat de pregatit sau cat de multe obstacole poti intampina pe parcurs - daca esti destul de motivat si crezi in ceea ce vrei sa faci - nimic nu e imposibil.
Iesi din zona de confort si fa ceva! Asta e sfatul pe care l-am intalnit cel mai des pana acum - in special cand vine vorba de antreprenoriat si tech.