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Se afișează postările cu eticheta twitter. Afișați toate postările

vineri, 28 decembrie 2012

iPad Mini cea mai vanduta tableta de sarbatori

Strict din acest mini-test comparativ, se pare ca iPad Mini a fost cea mai cautata tableta de sarbatori, peste 1790 de utilizatori tweet-uind despre noua lor tableta.

Faptul ca iPad Mini e pe primul loc sau ca Surface e pe ultimul nu uimeste pe nimeni, insa diferenta mare intre Kindle Fire si Nexus 7 e destul de... neasteptata.

joi, 8 noiembrie 2012

Java vs. RoR

Twitter survives election after Ruby-to-Java move → 
Twitter first began stepping away from Ruby in 2008, when the company's Ruby-based message queuing system "hit a wall," in the words of former Twitter developer Alex Payne.
"There's a lot of things that Ruby is great at," Payne said at the time, "but long running processes? Particularly memory intensive ones? Not so much."
Twitter's solution was to migrate some of its Ruby code to a new server stack running on the JVM. Initially, the company's development team avoided stock Java in favor of Scala, an alternative JVM language that combines aspects of object-oriented and functional programming. Today, Twitter's software is built from a mix of Scala and ordinary Java code.
A few Twitter services still run on Ruby, too, but according to Rawashdeh these are used increasingly less often. Notably, he says Twitter has now reconfigured its system so that traffic from mobile devices never touches any Ruby-based software at all.

joi, 25 octombrie 2012

O noua victima 
Betaworks a fost nevoita sa retraga aplicatiile din AppStore in mare parte datorita schimbarilor de API pe care Twitter le-a anuntat cu ceva timp in urma.
Un alt factor destul de evident este si ca in ultimul timp Twitter devenise competitorul direct al celor de la